Katrina the K Word
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A Note from the Creators
If you live in America, you know about 9/11; if you live in America you need to know about Hurricane Katrina. We began this project because we felt that the story of Katrina needed to be told. However, we soon discovered that the story doesn't exist, for every person who was affected by the storm has his or her own version of what happened. What we bring you therefore is by no means "exactly what happened," but twelve stories based on interviews we conducted with New Orleans residents. After transcribing the interviews, we created this text by cutting, editing, and re-arranging the words. Some of the characters are composites of various people we interviewed. Some of the stories were simplified for the sake of clarity, yet none are fictional. All of the narratives are true as far as they were told to us. While we may not agree with every comment nor do we present every claim as fact, we have tried to stay true to the opinions expressed and to the spirit of the amazing people who felt that what happened in New Orleans in 2005 and since deserves our attention. This play is dedicated to them.

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