Katrina the K Word
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Suggestions For Activism
In seeking your participation in this project, we urge you to utilize this opportunity to connect theatre with civic engagement. Here are some ideas of how to mesh the theatrical experience with study and activism:

  • Have talk-backs after the show with the director and actors or with speakers from other disciplines or organizations about New Orleans.
  • Have a table in the lobby where audience members can get information about how to support New Orleans (see links below).
  • Give a percentage of your ticket sales to organizations that support New Orleans.
  • Provide information in the program or hand out flyers after the showabout how to volunteer.
  • Connect the production with volunteer efforts at your institution. Ifthere are already groups who have gone or are going down New Orleans have them speak after the show. If there aren’t volunteer organizations from your institution find out from the administration how you can create one or contact the organizations below for help.
  • Connect the production with curricular studies in various departments. Find out if anyone is teaching about New Orleans in their courses or if there are inter-disciplinary approaches that can connect the play to their areas of study.
  • Create articles about the production and Katrina in the school paper or local paper.
  • Feature a segment about the production and Katrina on the local radio station.
  • Invite high schools to see the production and utilize the study guide (have a post performance discussion with them).
  • Do a letter writing campaign to your representatives, senators, and/or presidential candidates letting them know that the revitalization of New Orleans is an important issue—one that needs attention and funding.
  • Do a citizen journalism project where you track how many times the presidential candidates mention New Orleans or Katrina.
  • Collect signatures for a petition and send it to your representatives.

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